Lance mountain

by lance bangs

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released September 6, 2016

colin. guitar/vox
drew. drums
joel. bass/vox

Written & recorded by lance bangs in basements & bedrooms in virginia

mixed & mastered by gavin thibodeau

cover artwork by lance bangs (feat. thatcher and alyse)
cassette layout by reed kanter

THANKS to the label dudes manny & reed & rene, road dog partner for life thatcher may, and my lil bro gavin



all rights reserved


lance bangs Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Dig
on the pavement
i'm bleeding
i need a band aid
for my knee

we can burn a hole in it
i dont fking care if ur sick
cause i just want a kiss

i want some drugs
passed out on my drug
electric vibrations called love
Track Name: Sneakin' out
i am running
in the backyard
i am running

tell me
that you hate me
make me feel like
just wanna die

in the basement
she is rotting
got no bones but
wanna feel something

in the bathroom
i feel ugly
cut my beard off
i look funny :-(

they called my bluff
i'll use the backdoor
ur dad won't know
i'm breaking out
all across my face
im so stressed out

got a long drive
with no cds
or cassettes tapes
past a deep lake
Track Name: #1 Single released on 4/20
When you tried to turn me
and ur hair is getting long
i get a little--

when you tried to break my arm
but i only got a sprain
remember the look on your face?

When you tried to break it off
and u got ur hair cut off
i get a bit--

when you tried to break my heart
but i only got a sprain
Track Name: Football
i know why i'm running
Or rather running from
ya i think i caught something
still i try so hard to come

I need some footballs
to keep from feeling down
when im caught up in my head
and driving her all around town

the refs are out to get me
That's what my doctor told me
absent, i leave my seat empty
Cabinets open just to tempt me
Track Name: Let it grow
put it on my life
i never knew the difference
took a spill on my bike
my tooth chipped on the pavement
dreaming of rivers
my body drowning in it
they'll never find my clothes
cadaver dogs r snifffing

(and u tried to tell me
and you let it grow)

i can't keep this up
i feel like something else
i can't tell if you want
me or someone else

i am afraid of trying
but you aren't
we took our clothes off
but still feel so hot

right where we fell off
picked up and brushed the dust off
you never tell me when i'm wrong
this glass, a windshield
our plans, a cold meal
i guess they both are falling thru

(and u tried to tell me
and you let it go)